Frequently Asked Questions

What are the age limits for using Barracuda messenger?

Persons under the age of 16 must obtain parental permission if they are registered with their phone number.

What's new in security, in addition to end-to-end encryption, offers Barracuda messenger?

What operating systems and devices does Barracuda messenger support?

What languages does the Barracuda messenger support?

Barracuda messenger is available in the following languages:

Can I use Barracuda messenger without a SIM card?

Not. Some messengers offer the use of an instant messenger without a SIM card, but this, in our opinion, is not anonymity. When registering, these instant messengers assign an ID number to each user, using which, without any difficulty, through a mobile operator, you can determine the phone number, and then the owner’s name.

How is encryption in Barracuda messenger different from others?

Security is the basis of Barracuda Messenger, where end-to-end encryption is applied, which ensures complete reliability and protection of correspondence through messages and outgoing - incoming calls from listening and/or interception and decryption by third parties
“Barracuda Messenger” uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE, end-to-end encryption) — this is multilayered encryption with a transition from asymmetric to symmetric encryption algorithm, otherwise it is a data transfer method in which only users participating in communication have access to messages. Thus, the use of pass-through encryption does not allow access to the cryptographic keys by third parties. Direct and reverse secrecy is provided, which means that it is impossible to read messages sent earlier and written in the future, having only the current encryption key. Learn more about the Barracuda messenger encryption ..

Does the Barracuda messenger encrypt audio and video communications?

Yes, audio and video are as safe as messages. Audio and video are encrypted with end-to-end encryption (E2EE) using the Signal Protocol, which gained maximum recognition among cryptographic specialists. The source code of this protocol is completely open and subjected to multiple checks by independent experts.

What is the anonymity in the Barracuda messenger?

Registration with Barracuda messenger is carried out exclusively by phone number without collecting data and metadata!
The metadata shows who, how and with whom communicates, how often it happens, and what devices the user uses for it, where he is, where he is calling, whom he writes to, and so on. This indirect information may be used against you, against interlocutors who consider their connection secure. For security purposes only, data and metadata are NOT collected in Barracuda messenger!

Why is there no contact synchronization and backup in Barracuda messenger?

Any copying (backup) of your correspondence is always vulnerable and very dangerous for the safety of your data, since you never anticipate a potential danger! This may be the loss or leakage of information, a virus or unwanted and “strange hands”. Cloud storage, for example, can be hacked by hackers, and cloud storage providers can access, scan, and read your files. A USB drive or SD disk can fail for a variety of reasons and / or fall into “the wrong hands”. For these reasons Barracuda messenger does not provide for contact synchronization and backup.

Is user data stored on Barracuda messenger servers?

Our servers assume the role of an intermediary of asynchronous communication, playing the role of a controller, in particular, they send encrypted messages to the correct addressee. If the recipient's phone is disconnected or there is no Internet connection, your message will wait for delivery to the recipient on our servers for as long as the addressee’s device is not ready to receive and decrypt it. At the same time, all messages on the server will be stored exclusively in encrypted multilayered encryption (E2EE, end-to-end encryption) and no one can decrypt them. User contacts are stored exclusively on users' devices, as the synchronization of Barracuda messenger contacts is not provided due to a possible vulnerability.

Do you have access to decrypt my messages?

No, it is impossible! Decryption is not possible, since the keys are stored in a single form and only on users' devices.

Where are the Barracuda messenger servers located?

Servers that provide connection and are necessary for the smooth operation of the Barracuda messenger are located in Germany.

Does the Barracuda messenger comply with privacy laws?

Barracuda messenger complies with the European rules for protecting personal data, protecting the rights and freedoms of people, restricting the movement of personal data within the European Union (Art. 1 GDPR), because it does not know and does not collect personal data of users. The user can at any time remove himself and all his information from the system.

Does Barracuda messenger use push notifications?

Yes, it does. For Android, Barracuda messenger uses Google Cloud Messaging to inform recipients with the Android operating system about incoming messages in the background or in “not online” mode. For IOS, Barracuda messenger uses the Apple Push notification service to inform recipients with the iOS operating system of incoming messages in the background or in “not online” mode.

I don't receive push notifications, what should I do?

  1. Reload your phone.
  2. Allow Barracuda messenger to run in the background mode.
  3. Check the settings for notifications for Barracuda messenger in the settings of your device.

Do I have to pay for installing Barracuda messenger every time I change my device?

The Google Play Store and the Apple App Store store your account and recognize you by it, and not by your device, which allows you to reinstall any paid application at no new cost. When you change the device, you undoubtedly lose the entire history of the chat, the list of contacts, as well as the created groups, since the backup in Barracuda messenger is not provided because of possible vulnerability, and security is the basis of Barracuda Messenger.

I used Android, and now I switched to iOS. How can I transfer Barracuda messenger to another operating system?

Google Play Store and Apple App Store do not transfer to each other and do not exchange your user accounts, which means that when switching from one operating system to another, the Barracuda Messenger application must be purchased again.

How can I update the Barracuda messenger?

Updates in Barracuda messenger come to users' devices automatically with a push notification. You can accept the update or reject it for a specific time. If for any reason you didn’t receive a push notification, then check the Barracuda messenger updates yourself, in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. The latest version of Barracuda messenger can always be downloaded from the above stores.

I did not receive an SMS code for registration, what should I do?

Some mobile operators may perform equipment maintenance, which may result in a delay or failure to receive the SMS. Be patient, try again, the resulting code should automatically appear in a special window. If the window is not automatically filled, enter the code received by SMS manually.

I forgot my password to log in to the Barracuda messenger, what should I do?

Security is the basis of Barracuda Messenger, and if you have forgotten your login password, delete the messenger from your device and reinstall it, it is completely free. The history of chats and created groups is not saved.